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The HooKHeaD Project is the generic name for a series of experimental multimedia projects. At this time most of these projects exist as audio recordings, animations, and videos.

Audio Discography:

I first got into creating audio as a side effect to my ideas for multimedia sculpture. This work was also aided by my love of package design. Until I began releasing music on CD, I did all packaging with hand made collage. Early on the packaging was probably better than the music.

I created these CDs and cassettes out of a personal need, and though a few of them have been distributed, most of these recordings remain secret. Now I am actually selling copies of my Partial Reconstuction of Days CD to anyone who requests it. I am not seeking to be a commercial musician, not do I feel that my work is ready for general consumption. There are no audio samples here for the sake of bandwidth. If you want more information feel free to drop me a line.


God Isn't Finished With Us Yet/Is God Finished With Us Yet? (1990)

The first ever serious recording done under my old "HooKHeaD" moniker (The "project" wasn't added till several years later). This cassette is ten minutes per side and was designed to be played over and over inside of a piece of sculpture. The sounds were derived and collaged together from AM radio religious broadcasts as well as cable TV news and advertising. 20 minutes.

Noise Prototype I (1990)

An attempt to continue my earlier work with manipulating "sampled" sounds. This really meant that I used sound on sound via two tape decks. I also occasionally used a Mac Classic for loops. This project was an amateur collection of low-fi experiments recorded in one shot with no real composition. This project also initiated the Noise Prototype Series. 45 minutes.

Noise Prototype II: X Anthology (1991)

Quite serious compared to the previous two recordings. This project featured the first "sequenced" audio. By this time I had found an awful shareware sample editor for my Mac Classic and I proceeded to use stock instrument samples to create beats and melodies. I also started using an old control panel called SoundMaster to play back sounds from the keyboard, so half of the work was live and improvised. "Submission", one of my better sound collages first appears on this tape. 100 minutes.

Noise Prototype III: Causes & Suggested Solutions/Sleep Now & Never Sleep (1992)

Another step forward, both in sonic ability and cassette packaging. This one featured more loops and live SoundMaster compositions. Some of my better work from this period is on this tape. This one is a full 100 minutes too.

Noise Prototype IV: Psycho I/Mind Ceremony (Summer 1992)

This is the last of the old school Noise Prototype projects. This is because the next project used newer technology and was almost entirely sequenced. I have a lot I still enjoy about this one, the sound on sound quality being the only major problem. Side A, Psycho I, is repeatitive noise experimentation. Side B, Mind Ceremony, is lighter and somewhat dancy. 60 minutes.

Noise Prototype V: Kill Dream/Living the Opaque Dream (1993)

This cassette was done entirely with SoundEdit 1.0 with a few "live" exceptions. Due to my hardware restrictions, this one is 8-bit audio all the way, so it sounds like an AM radio with a heavy programmed industrial feel. I often think of this as a the beginning of a pivotal period for my work. It's fast, electronic, and very personal to boot. A few copies of this were actually distributed to willing recipients. A landmark project mostly for technical reasons. 90 minutes.

Concupiscence EP (Summer 1993)

Entirely new composition techniques, plus the leftovers from my prevous cassette done up right. I used acoustic and electric guitars for the first time along with my traditional equipment. This is the first incarnation of the 30 minute live sound-on-sound "Concupiscence" track. This was recorded one frustrating weekend off of work in one improvisational shot. It was never conceived or planned. It just happened and I still listen to it today. One of my pieces that may stand the test of time. 60 minutes.

The Not of the Want (Summer 1994)

This cassette came out of a rough year away from working on my own music while studying Ethnomusicology in college. The Not of the Want continued my trend of exploring sexual tension, but in a much nicer way than my previous work. This is my first use of MIDI and improved hardware (new computer , 4-track, and signal processer). The re-recorded version of "Submission" (see Noise Prototype II) is included. Side A has a number of MIDI sequenced experiments and Side B is long and ambient wrapping up with the 30 minute "Nothing Better Than Real Parts I-III". My first true acoustic guitar piece was at the end of this cassette. I am planning to master a CD archive of the better work from this project sometime in the near future. 70 minutes.

Discipline EP (Summer 1995)

My first academic project done as an independant contract at The Evergreen State College. The music originally designed to be on this cassette was the first work done for A Partial Reconstruction of Days. But PRoD just wasn't happening so I threw all my original material in the vault and cranked out some highly polished sequences that became the core of this tape. Some of my more slick sounding production and sequencing thanks to my working closely with faculty sponsor Terry Setter. This is my first extensive MIDI based project, and the first use of my new Roland JV-880. The work on this disc will eventually be archived on a CD. 25 minutes.

Compact Discs:

Concupiscence (Summer 1996)

A CD version of the original sound-on-sound "Concupiscence", mastered from the original cassette for archival purposes. Also included is a stripped down version of "Nothing Better Than Real Part I", some leftover 4-track compositions without a home, and also the reworked 4-track "Concupiscence 2.0". This whole disc was a test in creating a CD in my own studio. 60 minutes.

A Partial Reconstruction of Days (December 12, 1996)

PRoD is the most ambitious project I have ever pursued. Began in 1993 immediately after completing The Not of the Want, PRoD met with every kind of obstacle I can think of. Originally the music was going to be very acoustic and primitive. The final CD is still acoustic and primitive, but very electronic and heavily produced as well. My first real CD, created to be a CD using my entirely revamped and upgraded equipment. This disc is half sequenced samples and half acoustic improvisation. Vocals are prominant, and the disc is highly percussive. PRoD is very produced, very listenable (compared to previous work), and yet very amateur and raw at the same time. The three years I spent working on it provided me with a great deal of material to choose from, and at one point I imagined the project being two CDs. Instead I narrowed it down and finished it so I could move on. The leftover material may make its way onto another project at some point. 49 minutes.

Current Projects (CD)

Private Music Volume I (IN PROGRESS)

Leftover work from the last three years that wasn't worked into a concept album. Some of this is too good to forget, but there is plenty that should be forgotten as well.


Entirely sample based. This is the music done in the last three years that didn't fit in with the music from PRoD because it was ambient and electronic. Very spacey and soundtrack oriented with some upbeat moments. There is no estimated time of completion. Likely to be a full-length CD (74 minutes).

Visual Projects:

As a young kid, I drew quite a bit. I used to crank out lots of cartoons about a flea and then I sold them to my classmates for almost nothing. Years later I began animating when I was about 11 using an old software program called MovieMaker by Electronic Arts. Though limited, it provided me with the kind of tool I loved to use. These days things are different and the simplicity of Moviemaker and my old cartoons are gone. These days I work heavily with 3-D rendering and animated collage mostly using Apple Computer's Quicktime technology.


The Trait Series (1990-1991)

Digital interactive black & white animation done with HyperCard. Most of these were under 10 seconds. There are around 25 total animations all accessed from one consolidated interface. I may eventually port the basic animation to Quicktime, or re-author them in HyperCard 3.0 when it becomes available.

Life at Evergroovy (1992)

Twenty minute VHS documentary of The Evergreen State college, circa Thanksgiving weekend 1992. This took me two weeks to shoot, mostly because it features a great deal of time lapse footage.

Anahata (Spring 1996)

Collaborative multimedia presentation featuring live music, slides, and a 30 minute computer generated Quicktime movie projected on the big screen. I worked with three other individuals to create an environment that simulated an evoluionary life cycle. I was responsible for roughly half the video content, some of the improvised live music, and some of the studio music that was preproduced. I also synced and edited the video/audio master entirely with my Macintosh. We performed the presentation two nights in a row at The Evergreen State College Recital Hall. Though this wasn't officially my own project, I include it here because the work I did wasn't too far removed from my normal projects. Other members in the project were Jeremy Whitaker, Andy Lin, and Sandy Johnson.

Concupiscence (video in progress)

Digital Quicktime video featuring a mixture of 3-D rendering and live action footage. The visuals are inspired by the music of the same name (see audio section), though most of this is soft in comparision to original music. This is the closet thing to a "rock video" I have ever done. Estimated length should be around 15-20 minutes and may be presentable on both VHS and CD-ROM.


Artificial Objects (book in progress)

A raw and critical moral journey through the myth of perfect sexuality among men and women. The images are made up of "sampled" text and images from the Internet and pornography. Originally began in 1993, this project was halted by a defective hardisk. I continue to work on it, but progress has been slow.

Collage Portfolio (1990-1992)

Done mostly as a sort of collage sketchbook, this book of 53 images includes some of my better work from the early days. These images have appeared in a few public galleries, also being included as backgrounds and slides for the Anahata multimedia presentation.

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