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Initially founded in 1990, Flat Fish Films is the name I animate under. Early work was black and white (as was my equipment) and featured hand-drawn cels in old software programs such as SuperPaint, Animation Works, and Apple's HyperCard. Before that I was a very active user of Movie Maker by Electronic Arts on my first computer, an Atari 800XL. Much has changed...

Below are machines and characters from a large computer modeled animation I'm working on. Currently referred to as ROM, the project is a combination of a comic book, a surrealist painting , and a long dark dream. Most clips are being rendered entirely in 3D and will have additional processing in Premiere and After Effects. Poster images for ROM are here.

Though many rendered storyboards exist, no Quicktime samples will be available on this site until I complete the trailer. ETA on this project is very unclear as I work on it in my spare time only. At this date the render time and post production make it at least a year.

Heavy Drone Skull Head Normal Hed (corroded)
Light Drone Diagram
Trooper Graphic
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