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Eric A. Peacock
Seattle, Wa 98109
(206) 285-1369

Mac OS 6.0.7 through 8.1
Windows 3.1/Windows 95
UNIX (some)
Networking/hardware/software installation, troubleshooting & support
CD-ROM authoring (multi-platform)
Graphics & Video
User interface design
Illustration and graphic design
Web page design, layout, and site management
3-D modeling, animation, and texture mapping
Multimedia project design, direction, and presentation
Digital video authoring (QuickTime, etc.)
    Audio engineering (analog/DAW), Red Book CD production
    Video/film soundtrack composition & sound design
    Sampling, digital audio multitracking, & MIDI sequencing
QuarkXPress - PageMaker
Freehand - Illustrator
Bryce 3D - Infini-D - Sculpt 3D - Others
Premiere - After Effects
StudioVision Pro
SoundEdit 16 - Peak
Media Cleaner Pro
MS Office
CyberStudio - Sitemill - Visual Page


The Evergreen State College, Bachelor of Arts, June 1996

Hands-on work in live/studio sound, loudspeaker design, audio engineering, sound design, graphics, video, Ethnomusicology, popular musicology, music composition, multimedia presentation, writing, oral presentation, field anthropology, and technical stage production.


Work History

Weber Marketing Group Inc., September 21, 1998-current
Graphic design and production, 3D modeled flythroughs.

Weber Marketing Group Inc., August 20-24
Learned Sculpt 3D, modeled & rendered architectural flythrough with voiceover for client presentation.

Metal Church Live CD artwork, August 3-16
Designed CD packaging and new band logo for European/US release.

Starbucks Coffee Company - Creative Services, August 10-11
Aided in construction and assembly of mock packaging for Christmas product presentation.

Sierra Online - Sierra Home Print Artist Installer font previews, July 1-6
Created 300 custom bitmap font previews for display in Print Artist installer.

Freelance: Company logos, business cards, and letterhead design. Custom CD-ROM archives, custom Red Book audio CD mastering. Video game graphics, audio, and texture maps (see 2D portfolio section).

"...all fall down" CD soundtrack commissioned for artist LeeAnn Mitchell, October 1997.
Composed and produced 29 minute soundtrack for gallery sculpture installation.

Vanderhoof CD artwork and merchandise graphics, March-October 1997.
Created custom graphics and layout for European/US CD releases. Also designed
t-shirts for concert tour.

The Evergreen State College - Housing Facilities, Linen Consultant, December 1996-January 1997.
Repaired inventory damage, reorganized facilities and trained additional personnel to maintain the department after my departure.

The Evergreen State College - Housing Facilities, Linen Supervisor & Crew Lead, March 1994-November 1996.
Supervised custodial or linen crews and supervised linen room. Managed inventory, set crew schedules and made decisions based on meetings with department staff. Wrote and illustrated manual on linen operations.

References, additional information, and/or CD-ROM portfolio available on request

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