Jumpsuit Boy — The Official Fan Page

The Official Fan Page
Version 3.0

Created and modified by Eric A. Peacock

This site is one of those unexplainable occurances that is best left unexplained. It's here for your enjoyment or your confusion because it's very likely that the inside jokes would go beyond public comprehension.

Upon the initial creation of these pages my friends called me mad while they shook their fists in my direction and cited this work as the direct result of insanity.


In reality these pages are an excuse to practice with various graphic techniques that I hope to improve upon as I slowly lose my hair and gain weight. It paid off during the initial phases of the site, but in essence the site just wasn't that complicated. However Jumpsuit Boy is complex and therefore this site should be too.

These pages were put together in about a week of on and off work. For the past few years very little has changed while I put most of my efforts into my normal home page. There is still one more revision. Jumpsuit Boy has another chapter to explore, minor though it may be. In time this will happen.

That said, please enjoy the site and feel free to email me with any Jumpsuit Boy sightings, artwork, comments, or the like.

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