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Presented June 3rd & 4th 1996 at 8:00 PM
The Evergreen State College Recital Hall

Produced by Sandy Johnson, Andy Lin, Eric A. Peacock, & Jeremy Whitaker

This was my final student project in college. My contributions included roughly 15 minutes of video, editing, the live sound engineering, video projection, 2D slides, and studio and live music. The rest of the team produced the other half of the video, music, and graphics. The final presentation was almost exactly 30 minutes long, presented large screen format via LCD projection. We produced the video in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and many additional applications. The final movie was edited and printed to NTSC on my 8500 with a DAT synced soundtrack in Opcode's Vision. The final Quicktime movie is 800 megs at 320x240 30 fps, so for bandwidth reasons video samples can't be presented here. Scroll down for screenshots.

This was essentially a large technical project generated in six weeks by a team of three full time participants and one part time member. We had a 10 week quarter to produce everything, so the first weeks were storyboarding and content gathering, then sequencing and rendering the video/audio, and finally scheduling, promotion, and rehearsal. The final product offered a highly detailed visual explosion of animation and sound that was packed into a 30 minute presentation.

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From the program provided at the event:

According to the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of India, Anahata describes the vibrations inherent in all living energy. These scriptures placed a strong emphasis on light and sound as a manifestation of these vibrations. Modern discoveries in physics have re-established these theories as scientific fact.

With this presentation we are trying to explore the potential of combining forms of technology. Using computers and wave generating synthesizers we will create a new vibrational environment.

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