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Neon Brown Music Video: Static

Duration: 4:51. Quicktime 7.x is required. File size: 50.2 megs (users with dial-up or slow connections beware).

Please note that even the high-quality H.264 video codec has a hard time with the high level of detail and fast animation in this video clip. Therefore the web version you see here really doesn't convey the detail as well as a DVD or MiniDV file.


Director's Comments:

This project was initially begun as a self-assigned experiment with animating fifty or so still photos into a full-length music video. A lot of the photography was shot using natural light in various live music venues but one segment uses a more staged photoshoot in the band's practice space, so it's all over the map as far as quality and consistency goes. There weren't enough photos to do the whole song well without being overly repetitive, so I began to generate other elements using video static and other things.

I also integrated a lot of low-rez 15fps video from the same photo shoots, using those clips as a foundation for layered effects sequences. The project grew and grew, ending up with eight or so versions created, none of which satisfied my goal, but like all things it had to reach a point of completion, so I settled on the version you see now. A lot of experiments still lie on the cutting room floor but I intend to utilize them on the full Nice Video DVD in some way.