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Neon Brown Music Video: Tippin' The Fridge

Duration: 10:24. Quicktime 7.x is required. File size: 25.6 megs (users with dial-up or slow connections beware).


Director's Comments:

Largely an exercise in editing from found content in the form of de-copyrighted footage available at archive.org, specifically the Prelinger Archives. This project was also a challenge in that archive.org provides transcoded MPEGs for editing, which limits an editor to cutting at 15 frame chunks (inaccurate and just plain awkward) or converting to other digital video codecs that are frame-based (time and disk space). A good 50 hours of content was evaluated for all the loops used. There is a lot on the cutting room floor as well.

It's a challenge to produce something that is over ten minutes without a narrative or story to tell, but here I've tied things together in a surreal manner that to me does follow a series of related little vignettes. So there is some continuity, depending on how you see it.