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Icon Links
Looking for PC icons? Steve's Icon Arcade is your best bet!

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Albie Kaleidoscopies

One of the Pixelpalooza '98 winners with a nice set of system replacement icons.

Alikchi's Icons

High quality icons with Ren & Stimpy, Calvin, and many other cartoon characters.

Anja's Icons

Swedish site specializing in lots of animal icons.


Here's the web home to an excellent assortment of insect icons. The main index is a bit detailed, but just look for "insecticons" and you're there.

Beavis Icons

No Butthead though. These are available as gifs rather than as a compressed archive.

Biff's Icons

Flags of the world and flags of the sea plus Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV). Slick.

Blue Sky Heart Icons

Nice and intricately abstract collections of high quality icons.

The Bright Side

Lotsa sets including X-Files, Keith Haring, industrial iconography, and lots more. Pretty nifty.

Bry-Back Manor Clipart Pages

Flowers, Halloween, Dinosaurs, Christmas, and Ocean. Some of these you will find elsewhere, and some you won't.

Calle's Custom Icons

Home to a variety of high quality icons featuring runes, automobiles, the Mac OS, body parts and more.

Cheesy Stuff for Your Mac

WWF/WCW wrestling, Mayberry, classic actors and actresses.

Christopher Lund's Homepage

Some Halloween icons.

Cool Folders

Colorful folder icons with a few extras.

Crazy Dkun's Icon Emporium

Shakespeare and Ranma 1/2 icons with My Neighbor Totoro icons in the works.

Desktop Gremlins

Technical system folders, Amiga related icons, and other miscellaneous items.

Ed's House of Icons

A Peanuts set and several other cartoon sets also available at Pino's.



Elephantastic Productions

Epoch Icons

Now with it's own domain name and a new URL. Loads of abstractions, games, folder/system icons, and more. Always growing with a large selection. Includes Mac OS 8.5 savvy icons.


Freelance Enterprises eWorld Icons

Remember Apple's eWorld graphics? These high quality icons are done up in eWorld style. A nice addition to any icon collection.

Frostbyte Graphics

Radiohead, Prodigy, and other various icons. Also has desktop patterns.

Gabriele De Simone's Homepage

Garfield Icons

This is the official Garfield site with a few high quality Garfield icons. Wallpaper is also available.

Gort's Icons

Hip cartoonish manifestations that ooze quality. A wide variety worth checking out.

Grateful Dead Icons

Eric Sheehan has provided some Grateful Dead icons, some high quality, some not.

Hatta's Icons

Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Key the Metal Idol (japanese anime), South Park, and a miscellaneous variety of icons. In Icon Archiver and standard Mac folder formats.

Happy Hippy Icons

A downloadable sampler of hippy related icons and there are 200 more available for purchase. Not all of these are high quality, but if you need hippy related icons, this is the place.

Her Mac Thing

Hiro's Icons

High quality "Copland" folders, Mac CPUs, SCSI devices, and a variety of other icons all sporting a nice 3Dish appearance.

Hot Icons

Icon Bliss

Animaniacs, Duckman, & Dilbert.

Icon Cow

Icon Digest

Self described as "A Collection of Macintosh Icon sets with a distinctive seasonal, holiday flavor. As the seasons change or as an annual holiday approaches, visit Icon Digest for the appropriate icons to decorate your Macintosh desktop."

Icon Engine

De La Soul, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan and more hip-hop icons.

Iconfactory The Iconfactory

Probably the best source for high-quality Mac icons in almost all categories. Also home to the Pixelpalooza icon contest.

Icon House

Superb Mac OS folders and system related icons.


Return of the Jedi, business, abstracts, guns, Bugs Bunny & Friends, OS 8 folders, Art of Fighting, Mortal Kombat 3, RPG, system replacements, Star Wars, "abused" files, and more. Nice.

Icon Icehouse

Huge collection of cartoon, movie and TV based sets. Covers a broad spectrum of the history of animation while specializing in South Parkand much of the Hanna-Barbera catalog.

Icons by Nick Longrich

A wide variety of distinct icons offering a nice cartoon style.

Icons by Wendy Lee

Beautiful lemurs, raptors, parrots, zoo animals plus Hello Kitty and many anime sets. Pixelpalooza '96 winner.


Nice site with Star Trek, Star Wars, and tons more people icons from comics and TV/Movies plus desktop patterns and fonts created by designers at MGRAPHIX. Most archives are available for Mac & Windows.

Icon Town

This unique site offers a chance to become a "citizen" by creating your own icon architecture. Lots of folks have already submitted beautiful icon buildings.


An excellent site with nifty audio, Final Fantasy VII, "Ko-Gal", Hayao Miyazaki anime, and more. High quality.

Icon Studio


Winner of the Iconfactory's icon creation contest. Nice "mounted" icons, smiley folders, Dragonball, and arcade fight game characters.


Used to be IconDropper icon packs featuring Fraggle Rock, Earthworm Jim, Beavis & Butthead, The Munsters, Men in Black, Seinfeld, the Tick, and more. Updated frequently.

Icon World

Tekken 3 and King of Fighters.


Lots of selection including astrology, flowers, furnature, holidays, and tons of system replacement icons. You've probably seen these archives on the FTP sites.

Inaka Icons

Nice assortment of 3D objects relating to the Copland/Mac OS 8 theme.

Jason Rainbow's Magic Theatre

Totally unique cartoon folders and other varieties of icons (including Kineticons). Totally Keen.

Jim's 3-D Icons

High quality Control Panel replacements, "Binder" folder replacements, and hardisks.

John Smith Design

KDS Copland Document Icons

Excellent document icons done up right in a "Copland" style.

Kitchen Sink Design

Movie/TV, computer games, comic books and more. Lots of dead/bad links here.


Cereal mascots, Fat Albert, dinosaurs, endangered species and other assorted icons

Le Grande Petit Theatre

A French site, mostly in French, but with a handy English reference page that you can check out if you need it. Includes plans to construct puppets in the traditional style of the small traveling theaters. There are two icon sets for PC/Mac that consist of several well drawn puppet characters and the tools used to make them. There appears to be lots of fun stuff here in all. Tres bon!

Leo Online FTP Icon Archives

Large icon archive in Munich. Has a few collections I haven't seen elsewhere.


An assortment of folders, faces and objects that are vaguely familiar in the icon world.

Macapalooza - The Macintosh PIT

Nice and slick Icon Moxy system replacements leftover from the Pixelpalooza '98 contest.


A full kit of icons, patterns, and a Kaleidoscope color scheme for turning your Mac into a virtual town. The icons rock!

Maddening Glyphs

Lots of pic style icons inculding Buckaroo Banzai, HP Lovecraft, Fletch, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Terry Pratchett, Illuminati, Blade Runner, The Prophecy, They Might Be Giants, Jethro Tull, The Residents, The Doors, The Beatles, The Bobs, Queen, Get Smart, The X-Files, and more.

Marmalade Moon

Eyes, diskettes and Syquest cartridges nicely done.


By Paul Harmon. Large archives that offer a distinct artistic style you won't see anywhere else. The EroIcons include erotic content. There are also some Windows archives available.

McCarty Creations

Dilbert, NHL, South Park, and this site also hosts the infamous anonymous Simpsons icon sets.

Micheal Jardeen's MaCandy

Copland and NeXT style folders for almost every application. Also has desktop patterns.

The Monroe Page/Henry Kuo Icons

The Monroe page features Picasso, presidents, and family icons. The Henry Kuo section has a little bit of everything here; floppies, furnature, clothing, food, people, animals, and folders to name a few.

Mr. Iconic by Edoardo Florini

Italian made icons offering well done system, formula 1, and additional sets including furnature.

Naughty Bits

Pixelpalooza '98 winner with their vintage camera icons. Here you will also find nicely done Volkswagons, Java bean related icons, and some classic 1-bit sets.

The Negapage

Windows and Mac icons of Space Ghost/Cartoon Planet, Quack Pack, and the Mighty Ducks.

Nicko's Icons

A photographic assortment including HAL from 2001. Not bad.

Nifty Pics

Pardon My Icons

Lots of unusual and strangly familiar photographic face icons by Jeffrey Zeldman. He's got icons in Icondropper, Icon Archiver, gif, and PC formats. Good Stuff.

Paurian Cafe

Nice site with nifty office, autumn, bathroom, and winter themes plus some Zip disk icons. Pixelpalooza '98 contestant.

Petit Petou's World

Pino's Cartoon Icons

Loads of cartoon icons available for Mac OS and Windows on this kid themed site.

Pixelhaus 2

Now affiliated with the Iconfactory, you can find related desktop pictures and sounds here.

Placido's Icons

3D MacOS 8 style hardisk icons.

Poison's Icons

One of the Pixelpalooza '97 winners for his superb Native American icons. He's also got some nice System Folder replacements plus a few extras. Worth checking out.

Pongk's Icon Garage

Nice System folders, makeup, "Modesty" portraits, X-Files, Powerbook, buildings, and bags that offer either a unique scribbled 3D design or photorealistic portaits.

Pseudo Room

Nice site with Desperado, Street Fighter II, folders, trashcans, and more.

Randall M! Gees Homepage

Gummi Bears, Winnie the Pooh, and more to come.

Raul's GUI Goodies

OS 8 style folders plus some desktop patterns and other system enhancements.

Re-vision Mac Icons

Rich's Freeware

Classic high quality Ren & Stimpy, trashcans, CPUs, and a variety of other icons for Macs & PCs.

Rikter Zone

Alien icons volume 1; all the movies, all the characters plus Klingon script icons. He's got more in the works like Red Dwarf, Alien Volume II, Monty Python & more.


Churchlike monastic stained glass manifestations unique in the Mac OS icon community. Quite a selection.

Ryan's Icons

Super Mario World, Tekken 3 and Donkey Kong Country sets for both Macs and PCs.

Sachi's Icons

Cute "backyard" objects, dresses, and "room" objects all available as gifs.

Sara's Icon Parade

Information, icon collections, icon links, and plenty of icon utilities for both Mac OS and Windows users. Sara has probably the most extensive Mac icon page you'll find.

Screenshot Central

Shelby's Icons

Foxtrot, Animaniacs, and Rugrats.

Simpson's Icons

You may have seen these around during the last few years, but here is a web home for quite a few Simpson's icons that span almost all the episodes so far (including this season). The icons are well done and a must for any Simpson fan. I'm curious to see how long this link lasts since Fox has shut down any Simpsons related web media. The author of these icons is anonymous for that reason, so get them while you can.

Simpson Depot

Simpsons icons, plus additional X-files, animals, and more. Pretty nifty.

Sinas's Icons

An unusual offering of water guns of the Super Soaker variety, plus some Thunderbird aircraft icons.

Slick Hick's Icon Land

A variety of archives, each offering a theme of sorts. Each set also includes at least one Finder icon with a different pair of sunglasses on.

SMD's Home Page

French page with icons of people, make-up, buildings and miscellaneous stuff. Both Mac and PC.

South Park Information Center

You guessed it: South Park icons!

Steel Mill - Dude's Home Page

Monster icons & interface enhancements, designed for Halloween but good all the the time. Well done.

Stingray's Icons

Spawn, Corvettes, Spiderman, and Bloom County icons plus even more worth checking out. This is also home to Stingray's Top Ten, a monthly icon top ten listing.

The Kids Domain

Among many other resources for parents and their children you'll find an extensive collection of child-related icons. Some of these sets are compiled from many different icon authors out there, so not all the material is original to this site.

Tim's Marvel-ous Icon Page

Icons inspired by the icon creations of Steven Louie. Lots of DC and Marvel Comics characters.

Ultimate Copland II Icons

UK page with Copland icons and MacDoom replacement icons.

Viva! Iconos

Nice page with Argentinian themed icons, Beavis & Butthead, Mr. Bean, Queen, folders, cartoons, sports, and Zip icons. There's also a little section with guest icon sets to download.

Yessir, That's My Booty

South Park icons.

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