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Icon Tools & Information

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The Generic Icon Pages

Informative icon tidbits relating to hardware and software. Useful for true icon geeks.

How to make icons

A comprehensive tutorial on icon creation by The Iconfactory.


Lets you cut and paste icons with a single click. "Just click on a document or folder and select 'copy icon' from the context menu. Then click on another item and and select "paste icon" - voilá, there is your icon!"

Icon Archiver

Great utility by Alessandro Levi Montalcini that scans disks, applications, and IconDropper packs into compressed sortable archives. Simple and efficient, a great way to manage your collection!

Icon Tools CMM

A powerful contextual menu plug-in that allows you to cut, paste, and manipulate desktop icons with a single contextual menu click.


Similar to Icon Archiver, this is a collaborative icon utility created by programmer Craig Hockenberry and the Iconfactory. This tool stores icons in compressed "packs" and allows you to drag 'n drop Finder support as well as custom splash screens and more.

IconBuilder is a Photoshop plug-in that aids in the creation of Mac OS 8.5 savvy icons.

Icon Machine

This icon editor offers full Mac OS support and a slew of interesting features.


One alternative to ResEdit icon editing, this is a commercially available icon utility by Dubl-Click Software.


Windows based. This place offers large archives of Windows icons and more importantly it offers Image Magick, a graphics conversion utility that will process icons between platform standards. It's a large download (8 megs), and I've not yet tried to use this utility, but apparently it will convert Windows icons to Macintosh and vise versa.


Allows the Finder to display animated icons, much like the old I Like Icon program did years and years ago.


Not a new program, but still a useful icon editor and creation tool. Lots of tools and uses make this an editor worth checking out.

Susan Kare UI Graphic Design

The woman behind the original Mac OS icon set. You can grab some gifs of her work here as well as see her portfolio showcased.

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