Living The Opaque Dream

The Archives

By Eric Peacock

A sort of personal Wayback Machine. Not for those lacking a sense-of-humor or an overall perspective of the web in history.

Previous versions of Living The Opaque Dream

  1. My First Web Site (1996)
  2. Second Design (quickly created to overcome the deficiencies of the first)
  3. Third Design (revised slightly as version 3.1, this was probably my most popular web site to date)
  4. Forth Design (also revised slightly as version 4.5)
  5. Fifth Design (2001-2002)
  6. Sixth Design (2002 through August 2007, seriously neglected during it's lifetime)

At this point revisions got messier and the seventh version and later is the current one you see now)

The HooKHeaD Project

  1. HHP v1
  2. HHP v2
  3. HHP v3

The Official Jumpsuit Boy Fan Page

Completely based on inside jokes. A study in gratuitous creativity.

  1. The first Jumpsuit Boy Fan Page
  2. The second Jumpsuit Boy Fan Page
  3. The third and current Jumpsuit Boy Fan Page