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About The Author

This site is the work of Eric A. Peacock, aka Evil Ugly Peacock.

Eric is a 29 year old visual artist, graphic designer and musician currently living in Seattle Washington. He drinks lots of tea and has ridiculous hobbies such as collecting gas masks.

Eric embodies a bizarre duality between the techie and the artist by occupying his time in schizophrenic ways. Just try and figure out what that really means.

Eric is extremely fond of music. Along with listening to a variety of other peoples music he also produces his own. Eric also creates collage with paper and occasionally dabbles in photography, painting and sculpture.

Eric works full time as a graphic/media designer and also the network administrator at Weber Marketing Group. Occasionally he also works independently on web sites, album cover art, film sound tracks, sound design or other media related projects.

If you're so inclined, Eric can be emailed here.

This is a personal web site filled with the authors' experiments and dreams.

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